"Working with The Edwards Project has been nothing short of amazing.  I've been working with The Edwards Project for 4 years now and for every project relating to my business, Amber has exceeded my expectations.  She is thorough, understanding of my project goals and just has a pleasant personality which seals the deal every time.  Amber has always been able to bring my ideas to life without ever seeing a sketch.  My recent project "pray then slay" which Amber designed went viral through all social media channels and my tee shirt business has sky-rocketed.  I can't thank Amber enough for her dedication to my business (as if it were her own), and her encouragement to see any business prosper with the right logo, design, campaign, you name it!

I believe that ANY business will benefit from The Edwards Project because they are clear, concise and have over 15 years of experience working with a variety of both small and large companies.  No project or idea is out of reach for The Edwards Project and your business will surely prosper because The Edwards Project will always over deliver."

-Varnessa Bails  |  Fashion Image and Beauty Expert    


"I was looking for someone experienced in graphic arts to help us design apparel for our clothing line when I found The Edwards Project. I asked for quick sketches to see if the material would be to our liking and fit our needs, and to say I was pleased would be an understatement. Amber was completely in tune with what we needed, and took my guidance in a creative direction I hadn't even thought to ask for. Her work is exceptional, and her timeliness is unbeaten. In my many years of hiring graphic artists, never had I encountered someone so professional and prompt, both in responses and artwork delivery. 

Working with The Edwards Project has been the best experience we've had in our 5 years of outsourcing graphic artists. Not only is the work impeccable and creative, but every detail is aligned with our needs and target market, and revisions, communication, and art delivery is always quicker than expected, which says a lot for an artist!"

-Victoria Green  |  Chief Creative Officer  |  W&B Enterprises, Inc.


"I worked with Amber for many years. When I learned that she was offering her design skills on a freelance level, she was my first choice for the creation of our 2016 product catalog. I’ve seen first hand the amount of research, dedication, and follow through Amber maintains with all of her clients. I knew she would be able to do the work we needed, even in such a short time period.

The Edwards Project portfolio speaks for itself. I knew the end result would be what we had envisioned. We now have a product catalog that we are proud to pass on to our sales team and future clients. I believe that any of the new retailers we have signed contracts with this year are a direct result of having such a strong catalog that showcases our product. They were able to cater to our schedule while making sure we were happy with the development every step of the way. The positive feedback surrounding our current product line has exponentially grown as a direct result of having such a strong marketing tool.

Every business can benefit from strong visual branding and effective marketing. I have full faith that The Edwards Project can cater their talents to any business, regardless the type or size. I would say, The Edwards Project work ethic alone is enough to set them apart from most design companies. You will most likely be missing out on future business for your company by not working with The Edwards Project.”

-Scott Kittel  |  Creative Director  |  Alta Gracia